Why Would I Use Digital Over Paper Invites?

Did you know the Number 1 frustration in planning a party is guests not replying to invites? Once you have spent time in writing out paper invites and tonnes of money on stationery & postage, you then have to chase up responses as less than 50% of guests respond. Along with all the other stresses of party planning, that doesn’t seem fair.. Or - You could send stylish digital invites straight to guests’ inboxes, sit back and get instant RSVP’s. No stress. No brainer?


How Do I Know People Will Respond?

86% of the Population are now online and this number is growing. We check our mobile devices once every 9 minutes & our time spent online has doubled over the last 7 years. Why send through the postbox when you can send direct to the Inbox?


So How Does It All Work?

Choose an invite template from our online catalogue, or we can design a bespoke invitation just for you. Customise it with your party or event details. Add the e mail address or mobile number of your guests & press send. Your guests will receive a personalised digital envelope which will spin around and your invite will pop out. They can then respond to the invite & you will get a response e mail. You can also see a summary RSVP Tracker in your account to see who has or hasn’t replied. Simple.


But I Always Use Facebook to Send Invites..

Yes but Facebook invites are pretty dull. Here’s what makes Envytations different:

  • Free personalised envelope which spins around & the card pops out – your guests will love it!
  • FREE to send to up to 50 guests. Want more? Then choose one of our packages or get unlimited guests and events for just £200! Simple. No gimmicks or confusing coins.
  • Free Group Chat function. Want to discuss where to meet or what to wear with other guests? Here’s where it’s at.
  • Free RSVP Tracker – so you can see at a glance who is coming, who isn’t & who needs a gentle nudge. We have also just added a new function so you can see if guests have opened the invite & not replied…ooohh sneaky!
  • Bespoke Designs –This is a new premium service we offer so we can tailor the design exactly to your specification. Whether it is for a party or a full wedding suite – we can work directly with you to create your perfect invitation.


But I Like To Feel A Paper Invite, I Don’t Think I Could Go Digital

With professionally designed invites, they look just as good as paper. Digital is taking over pretty much everything at a rapid rate, so not only is it quicker & easier to plan parties, you are also doing your bit to save the planet.


My Grandma Doesn't Have E Mail

Why not buy her a tablet for her birthday?

Cant be convinced right now? Ok, go and buy some paper invites.

But remember the future is coming, so get ready....


Start Designing Now!