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A hen party surrounded by your friends and family is guaranteed to be one of the best nights of your life. Whether you have a night in or out, there are lots of amazing hen party ideas to keep the night fun and exciting. But, if you want to make it that little bit extra special, then use the following ideas to inspire your own fabulous and memorable hen party.

Hen Party Outfits

Coordinating your outfit with your friends and family is a hen party tradition. Whether it’s simply a t-shirt or your whole outfit, matching clothes makes you stand out as a group. However, there are better alternatives than your usual cheap looking fancy dress.

Mickey Mouse Outfit Hen Party


Disney Outfits

Disney fans can find cute and simple ways to create their own hen party outfit by wearing mickey mouse ears and slogan t-shirts in the classic Disney font. You can make these outfits even more special by having your party personalise their ears with glitter, bows and more, before you head out for your hen party activities.


Roaring twenties costumes hen party

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Classy Fancy Dress

Make fancy dress classy! If you have a favourite era or decade, then get your group of friends and family to dress up in similar outfits. Decades such as the 1920’s expel elegance with a little bit of sexy, making a much better outfit than the cheap fancy dress you’ll see others wearing.

 Bride Squad Swimsuits Hen Party Outfits

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Team Bride or Bride Squad Outfits

Dresses, t-shirts, and swimsuits with the logos “team bride” or “squad” are becoming increasingly popular. They offer a stylish and tasteful way to display the groups friendship with the bride during the hen party activities. You can easily create something similar on online sites or alternatively shop around and find a pre-designed outfit.

Hen Party Games

If you decide to have your hen party at home, then you’ll need games to keep the fun going well on into the night! The following are some of the best games to keep your friends and family happy and laughing all night long.

Prosecco Pong Hen Party Games

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Prosecco Pong

If you plan on drinking, then prosecco pong is a must for any hen party! A twist on the classic game beer pong, prosecco pong allows all the fun of a competition whilst enjoying the best hen party beverage of all - prosecco.

Bridesmaids Movie Hen Party

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Wedding Movie Themed Games

If you don’t have the time for a full wedding movie marathon, you can still relive some of your favourite films by playing wedding movie charades. Write down your favourite films featuring weddings and place the paper in a bowl and have each team compete to see who can name the most in a minute.

Mr and Mrs Quiz Hen Party Games


Classic Mr & Mrs Quiz

Test yourself at your hen party! Get bridesmaids, friends, and family to write down questions about the groom and quiz you. For every wrong answer a person can give a forfeit- anything from downing your drink to telling an embarrassing secret or story.

Hen Party Activities

Finding activities for your hen party is very easy, with many different entertaining hen party packages to suit every budget. The following hen party activity ideas can really help keep the excitement and entertainment going at your hen party!

Cocktail Making Hen Party Activities

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Cocktail Making Class

Take a cocktail making class at your favourite bar or club with your closest friends to kick off the night, learning how to make your favourite drinks whilst sharing lots of laughs. Most clubs offer cocktail classes at reasonable prices, so it won’t be hard to arrange this activity for your hen party.

Glamping Hen Party Activities

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Want to get away for your hen party? Then consider glamping as a unique way to enjoy time with your friends and family before the wedding. Unlike camping, glamping offers you the chance to enjoy the wilderness in style. You can enjoy a relaxing drink of champagne as you watch the sun set from a hammock or tepee.

Hen Party Spa Day

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Spa Day

If you’re not a big drinker or just want to prep before the night ahead, then taking your hen party for a spa day is the perfect activity. It gives you a day to relax and pamper yourself, getting your nails done and receiving a professional massage. There are many different spas at different price ranges that offer hen party packages so look online for one near you.

Weekend Away Hen Party Ideas

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Weekend Away

If you have the budget to go away for your hen party, a weekend abroad can be just the relaxation you need before the wedding day. Hen party city breaks to places like Rome, Paris, or Madrid offer you a short holiday with your closest friends to visit new places and try different foods and activities, with the experience bringing you even closer to your bridal party.

Hen Party Food

Food is an important part of your hen party. You’ll want your guests, and yourself, to fill yourself with food before a big night out, or alternatively have snacks constantly on the go during a fun night in.

Hen Party Food Afternoon Tea

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Afternoon Tea

Arranging an afternoon tea, or creating your own version at home, is an inexpensive way of having a lovely meal with your hen party. If you’re a bigger fan of tea than alcohol, this afternoon activity presents the opportunity to chat and share laughs over delicious food.

Hen Party Sweets

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Sweet Stuff

Who doesn't love sweets? Setting up your own pick and mix sweet section gives your hen party a snacking area to keep them satisfied all night long. Find or buy cheap plastic, or glass, bowls and jars to make your sweets look even more enticing, filling them to the rim with your guest’s favourites. For an extra special touch, buy or personalise paper sweet bags with your guest’s names.

Hen Party Cake

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Hen Party Cake

Just like at the wedding, you should treat yourself- and your friends and family- to a special hen party cake. Make or buy you favourite type of cake and decorate it with wedding toppers, sprinkles and flowers- whatever you desire. Specially made cake toppers with slogans like “Soon to be Mrs Smith” or “Team Bride” add an even more unique touch to your cake.

Hen Party Gifts

Giving your friends and family gifts at your hen party is a sweet way of thanking them for joining you and sharing this wedding experience with you. The gifts don’t have to be big, and the following amazing ideas can help inspire your own little presents.

Hen Party Thank You Sweets

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Sweet Tooth

Give your guests a little something when they come to your hen party such as a little box of each guest’s favourite sweets, chocolate and snacks. This is perfect if you plan on a night in watching films, as your guests can enjoy their favourite foods and films for a cosy, night in with friends.

Hen Party Gift Bag

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Hen Party Goody Bags

If you are having a more formal hen party, such as a dinner, then you can decorate the table with a personalised gift bag for each guest. Place in items personal to each of your friends or family members such as their favourite bar of chocolate, a necklace or bracelet and little accessory to wear for a night out. Items like that should be cheap online and available in bulk so each of your guests can have their own sash or ring to keep as a memory.

Team Bride Bracelet Hen Party Gifts

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Cute Jewellery

Make your hen party feel even more special by giving your friends and family personalised and matching jewellery. A cute bracelet or necklace in the shape of a heart or eternity symbol is a sweet way of thanking people for being a part of your wedding. A gift like this will be greatly appreciated and loved by all those who receive them.

Hen Party Invites

Hen Party InvitesHen Party Invitations

Once you’ve decided what you want to do for your hen party, who to invite and where it is, then it’s time to send out your invites. You’ll want everyone you invite to come so make sure you send them out early to guarantee their attendance. Try out FREE digital online customizable hen party invitations today!


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