20 Best Baby Shower Games

So you are planning a Baby Shower for your best friend.. We’re guessing that you’ve already decided on the Baby Shower decorations and menu. If you haven't already sent your Baby Shower Invitations yet - why not check out our FREE Baby Shower Invites for stress-free party planning!

If you are now wondering what games to play to make your party tonnes of fun - we have rounded up a list of 20 fantastic unique Baby Shower Games Ideas.

1. Onesie DIY Game

 Onesie Baby Shower Games

Photo Credit: Baby Wall

This game is great for those crafty types. Buy a bulk pack of white bodysuits and have the guests customise with fabric paints, rhinestones & glitter. Prize for the best one & the mum-to-be gets to keep them for baby! If she wants them that is!

2. Guess the Baby Game

Guess the Baby Picture baby Shower Game

Photo Credit: Amuse Bouche

Have the guests bring their old baby photos and post them up onto a wall and have a guess at who is who. Prize for the one who gets the most right.

3. Don’t Say Baby Game

Don't Say Baby Game Baby Shower Games

Photo Credit: Etsy

The premise of this game is pretty simple, every party guest is given a safety pin and whoever says the word ‘baby’ loses their safety pin. The person with the most safety pins by the end of the party wins.

4. Celebrity Baby Name Game

Celebrity Baby Name Game Baby Shower Games

Photo Credit: Etsy

We all have seen the strange names celebs have given to their children. Now it’s time for the guests to guess who named their kid what. Have guests differentiate between the Blue Ivy’s and the Apple’s!

5. Measure Mum’s Belly Game

Photo Credit: Ebay

Have every guest use a ball of string or wool to guess the size of the mum-to-be’s belly. Once all of the guesses are made, have the mum-to-be size up the guesses around her waist. The person who is closest to the measurement wins.

6. Baby Bottle Chug Game

Baby Bottle Chug Game Baby Shower Games

Photo Credit: Real Housemoms

Fill baby bottles with a fizzy drink and have a race to see who can chug the fastest out of the baby bottles.

7. Guess the Animal Gestation Game

Guess the Animal Gestation Game Baby Shower Games

Photo Credit: Etsy

This game is pretty straight forward. Have a list of animals and a bank of numbers that are the number of months or weeks of gestation and have the girls guess the gestation of each animal.

8. Baby Shower Bingo

Baby Bingo Baby Shower Games

Photo Credit: Baby Games

As the mum-to-be opens her gifts, mark off on your bingo board what she has received such as bibs, nappies, dummies etc. And just like regular bingo, whoever has the most matches first shouts BINGO!

9. New Parents Advice Book

Advice Book baby Shower Games

Photo Credit: Not on the High Street

This is a simple game, but is sure to provide the mum-to-be with great advice for the new arrival. Have guests fill out a card of their advice for the new parents and also add their well wishes.

10. Blindfolded Nappy Challenge

Blindfolded nappy Challenge Baby Shower Games

Photo Credit: Frocking Cotton

This is a fun little competition that is sure to be hilarious. Just set up 2 dolls on tables, blindfold the guests and have them do a full nappy routine on the doll. Whoever puts on the nappy correctly, wins!

11. Guess the Baby Food Game

Guess the baby Food Game Baby Shower Games

Photo Credit: The Purple Pumpkin Blog

Time to taste test! Choose an array of jarred baby foods and have guests guess the flavour or the combination of foods in the jar.

12. Watch your Baby Game

Watch your Baby Game Baby Shower Games

Photo Credit: Mary Makes Good

Give each guest a plastic baby doll and have them watch it for the duration of the party. If a baby is left by itself, then another party goer is allowed to snatch. The one with the most babies, wins!

13. Baby Songs Game

Name the Baby Song Baby Shower Games

Photo Credit: Etsy

Not quite karaoke! But this game is a great way to start the party. Give the guests a sheet of paper and have them as many pop songs that include the word baby in five minutes.

14. Baby Portraits Game

Baby Portraits Game Baby Shower Game

Photo Credit: Fun Cheap or Free

Give each guest an index card and a marker. Have them place the index card on their forehead and draw a picture of a baby. At the end the mum-to-be chooses her favourite!

15. Play-Doh Baby Sculptures

Play Doh Baby Sculptures

Photo Credit: All Things Pretty

Set out a play-doh station and have guests sculpt their own versions of the baby. The mum-to-be gets to choose the winners.

16. Nappy Messages Game

Nappy Messages Baby Shower Game

Photo Credit: HubPages

Buy a bulk box of nappies and have guests write fun or cute messages on the front. This will be a fun little way for the parents to have a laugh during the late night nappy changes.

17. Nappy Duty Game

Nappy Duty Baby Shower Games

Photo Credit: Heck of a Bunch

Divide guests into teams and give each team toilet roll. One member in the team has to be the baby and the rest of team must create a nappy for the baby. Points are given for creativity and whose nappy creation is created the quickest.

18. Message to Baby

Baby Wishes Baby Shower Games

Photo Credit: Catch my Party

Have guests fill out sheets with their wishes for the baby or simply a sweet little message to the baby. This is a great little time capsule gift that the child can read in the future on his or her 18th birthday!

19. Pin the Pacifier on the Baby

Pin the Pacifier on the baby Game

Photo Credit: Birthday Direct

This is basically like the classic party game, pin the tail on the donkey, but instead, just print out a stock image of a baby and have guests blindly pin the pacifier onto the baby.

20. Tie Your Shoe Like Mum!

Tie Your Shoes Like Mum baby Shower Games

Photo Credit: Tell You All

As pregnancy progresses, simple tasks like tying shoes becomes a challenge! Have each guest stuff a balloon underneath their tops and have them try and tie their shoes like a pregnant woman. Who ever pops their balloon is out!

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