Awesome Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas

The Unicorn Birthday Party Theme is really popular and it is easy to see why – with the oh-so-pretty pastel colours and fairytale quality you are sure to have fun with this theme. Whether it’s a kids party or a grown up celebration, there are plenty of ideas to choose from to make yours a magical celebration.  Below are our top unicorn party ideas to add to your next celebration, and don't forget to send out our Unicorn Party Invites!

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Unicorn Party Food:

1. Unicorn Cake

Unicorn Birthday Cake

Photo Credit: Kara’s Party Ideas

A unicorn themed party is nothing without a fabulous unicorn cake. Make sure it has enough sparkle and colour to make it truly magical.

2. Unicorn Macarons

Unicorn Macarons Birthday Party

To turn your ordinary macarons into unicorn macarons, add some rainbow sprinkles, confectionary glitter, and even fruity pebbles for a rainbow effect.

 3. Unicorn Sushi

Unicorn Sushi Birthday Party

Photo Credit: One Green Planet

Just because it’s a sweet unicorn bash, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have savoury treats like rainbow sushi. If you’re rolling the sushi yourself, just add rainbow food colouring to the rice.

4. Unicorn Bagels

Unicorn Bagels Birthday Party

Photo Credit: Teen Vogue

How fabulous are these? Unicorn bagels are a great way to incorporate the theme and definitely make a change from the usual soggy cheese sandwiches seen at standard kids parties.

5. Unicorn Popcorn

Unicorn Popcorn Birthday Party

Photo Credit: Life Love Liz

Sweeten up your popcorn with a unicorn twist. Add rainbow sprinkles, chocolate, and even mix in some candy floss to sweeten up this savoury treat.

Unicorn Party Drinks

1. Unicorn Hot Cocoa

Unicorn Hot Cocoa Birthday Party

Photo Credit: Teen Vogue

This cocoa recipe requires mini marshmallows (preferably colourful ones), rainbow sprinkles, and a mini cone biscuit to top it off. This hot cocoa will be a definite hit for those with a sweet tooth.

2. Unicorn Lemonade

Unicorn Lemonade Birthday Party

Photo Credit:

Opt for pink lemonade or grapefruit lemonade for a unicorn twist on the classic drink. Serve in sparkly & colourful glasses for that magical touch.

3. Unicorn Milkshakes

Unicorn Milkshakes Unicorn Party

Photo Credit: PopSugar

Offer different milkshake flavours and allow your guests to top them off with their own unique unicorn garnishes & treats!

Unicorn Party Decorations

1. Unicorn Balloons

 Unicorn Balloons Unicorn Party

Photo Credit: Pink Lover

Whether they’re DIY or specially ordered, unicorn & pastel balloons will be sure to give a magical unicorn feel to the party.

2. Unicorn Centrepieces

Unicorn Centerpieces Unicorn Party

Photo Credit:

Centrepieces can either be simple or more elaborate, but they absolutely must be pretty and colourful for a unicorn bash.

3. Unicorn Bunting and Tassels

Unicorn Bunting and Tassels Unicorn Party

Photo Credit: Kara’s Party Ideas

Adding bunting and tassels to any party is a given. Add rainbow tassels or glitter bunting to your party for a pretty unicorn vibe!

4. Unicorn Pastels and Glitter

Unicorn Pastels and Glitter Unicorn Party

Photo Credit: Kara’s Party Ideas

A unicorn party is not complete without glitter and pastel colours in place settings, napkins and chair covers – helping to bring a beautiful and magical unicorn feel for your party.

4. Unicorn Birthday Party Invites

No Unicorn party would be complete without sending Unicorn Birthday Party Invites. Customise and send by e mail or text to friends - the invite pops out of a magical envelope! Try it now!

Unicorn Birthday InvitationsUnicorn Party Invitations

Unicorn Birthday InvitesUnicorn Birthday Party Invitations


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