How to Throw the Best New Years Eve Party

Picture your home filled with your closest friends and family, toasting champagne as the clock strikes midnight, celebrating the New Year. New Year’s Eve is one of the best nights to host a party surrounded by your loved ones, laughing, dancing, and enjoying great food and drink.

Planning and hosting your party is easy if your follow the New Year’s Eve party tips and ideas below.

Get Your Invites Out Early


New Years Eve Party InvitesNew Years Party Invitations

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New Year’s Eve is one of the busiest nights of the year and there will be lots of parties and events on. If you want a large party, packed with all your friends then you need to send your invites out early. By telling people in advance of your party plans, you can guarantee most of those you invite will RSPV their attendance. However, if you leave sending your invites out till too late then you risk having only half of the people you wanted at your party.

Let everyone know that you’re hosting a party, try Envytations customizable invites, easily sent by email or text – and get instant RSVP’s.

Food and Drink


New Years Eve Food and Drink

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New Year’s Eve should be a night to eat and drink as much of the best food as you want. This is easy to plan on a budget if needed. If you have the time and money to create your own end of year feast, then make sure you plan ahead and prepare and freeze food in advance, so you are not rushing on New Year’s Eve. However, if you are hoping to have fun and food on a budget then invite your guests to bring their favourite and signature foods to the party to create a large buffet that satisfies everyone’s tastes.

Make sure you have a variety of drinks available for your guests, even if it’s just mixers for the alcohol they bring. And cater especially for those who don’t drink alcohol. At midnight they still need a great drink to toast to the New Year.

New Year Decorations


New Years Eve Decorations

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You don’t need to spend a fortune to transform your house into a fabulous New Year’s Eve spectacle. Gold, silver and black are always popular colours associated with New Year’s Eve, so look for decorations that fit your budget and follow a theme. Decorations that dangle from the ceiling such as fans, honeycomb balls and spirals can help set the party atmosphere easily. Sparkly table confetti, black table covers and paper plates following a consistent theme can further help transform any room into a party zone. You could even try photo backdrops or props to set the party mood, allowing you to capture memories of your party that you, or your guests, can share online.

And make sure you have party hats, confetti cannons placed around the room ready for when the countdown to the New Year begins!

New Years Music

New Years Eve Music

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You’ll need music to keep the New Year’s party atmosphere going. If your guests are of wide-ranging ages, then multiple music television channels offer night-long music ranging from classic to new songs that will satisfy everyone’s tastes. Furthermore, you can leave your phone unlcked or your laptop on the side so friends and family can take turns choosing songs. If you hire a DJ, or even just have one of your friends control the music, then make music request cards that quests can fill in.

However, if your party is only a small gathering, or everyone is of a similar age, then you can create your own playlist in advance of all the songs and artist they know and like to help keep them happy throughout the night.

The New Year’s Eve Countdown

New Years Eve Countdown

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The New Year’s Eve countdown is by far the climax of the night. Get the excitement going early by showing on one TV the countdowns and fireworks from countries ahead in time. When it gets closer to midnight get a version of ‘Auld Lang Syne’ ready on Spotify or YouTube for everyone to sing along to. Make sure you turn the TV to a channel showing the fireworks show to avoid missing the start of the show or even the countdown. But most importantly get all your guest’s attention and pass out the champagne so there’s no background chatter or noise.

So, if you plan to host your own New Year’s Eve party follow the tips above and make send your invites out early with our online New Years Eve Party Invites.


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